Farm Body Butter

The Farmerette

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Because more than his tractor can be sexy.

Whipped to perfect and perfect for the season..
Do not Eat...Do Not Lick...Though it's tempting.. Its whipped to perfection but only for your Body.

This is whipped to perfection made with Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Vitamin E, aloe and tons of other great ingredients for your skin! It smells AMAZING! **Body Butter is Made in the USA, contains no harsh chemical additives and is cruelty-free!**
This listing is for ONE Tottle, Available in Strawberry, Vanilla Buttercream, Orange Sherbet, Birthday Cake, Unscented Plain Jane

Order today, order two, save on postage and recycle. Your friends will adore you for this unique idea...but you better buy one for yourself!

4 oz tottle (Between a tube and a bottle) container, I used this so you can get every last drop! Great to carry with you!
Soy Long and Thanks for looking!

The Farmerette

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